Welcome to Elan Imperial Gurgaon, Sector 82

Biggest mall in Gurgaon, Dwarka Express Way.

Unlock the gateway to a new era of commercial excellence with Elan Imperial, the latest creation by Elan Group situated in the heart of Gurgaon’s bustling Sector 82. As we embark on this journey, we redefine the conventional, presenting a dynamic space meticulously crafted to ignite triumph in every aspect.

Elan Sector 82 Project Perks

Elan Imperial : Seamlessly Linked to NH-8 & Dwarka Expressway

At Elan Imperial, we redefine convenience by strategically locating our commercial masterpiece at the crossroads of progress. Seamlessly connected to NH-8 and Dwarka Expressway, Elan Imperial stands as a beacon of accessibility and strategic advantage.

Seamlessly connected to NH-8 & Dwarka Expressway.

Our prime location ensures that Elan Imperial is effortlessly accessible from NH-8, a major arterial road connecting Delhi and Gurgaon, facilitating smooth commuting for businesses, visitors, and customers alike. Additionally, the direct link to Dwarka Expressway enhances connectivity to the national capital, providing a crucial route for businesses looking to thrive in the dynamic landscape of Gurugram.
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Strategic Connectivity for Business Triumph

Elan's Imperial, centrally located in Sector 82, Gurgaon, gains a strategic edge due to its close proximity to significant corporate hubs. Positioned directly opposite DLF Ultima and Vatika Township, this prime location positions the mall within immediate reach of some of Gurgaon's most prestigious business districts.

Proximity to major corporate hubs

Boasting direct access from Dwarka Expressway and NH8, Elan Imperial becomes an ideal choice for businesses seeking a central and well-connected location. Whether you're establishing a new venture or expanding an existing one, the proximity to major corporate hubs provides a strategic advantage. Elevate your business presence with Elan Imperial's prime location, where success meets accessibility.
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Over 500,000 Families already Settled.

Over 500,000 families have found their home in the lively Sector 82 of Gurgaon, captivated by the allure of Elan's Imperial. Situated in this vibrant locale, Elan's Mall has become a focal point for discerning families, with an impressive half a million already choosing it as their residence.

5 lacs Families already Settled.

Nestled in the thriving Sector 82 of Gurgaon, Elan Imperial Mall has become the heartbeat of a burgeoning community, with over 500,000 families already calling it home. The remarkable appeal of Elan Imperial extends beyond its commercial stature, creating a neighborhood where families relish the perfect blend of modern living and convenience.
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Elan Imperial , Sector 82 | Amenities

Amazing amenities of Elan Imperial Mall

Prime Investment Opportunity: Elan Imperial Mall, Sector 82, Gurgaon

In the corporate realm, innovation is the key to triumph, and Elan Imperial  Sector 82 is far from conventional. It transcends the ordinary, offering a dynamic space meticulously crafted for success. Beyond traditional real estate, Elan Imperial Sector 82 is a lifestyle statement, featuring state-of-the-art amenities, unparalleled connectivity, and the opulence reminiscent of a five-star hotel, such as Ambience Mall.

Gurgaon, a bustling center of economic vigor, naturally attracts savvy investors seeking lucrative prospects. Elan Builder’s upcoming commercial venture in Sector 82 emerges as a compelling proposition, urging investors not to overlook this exceptional opportunity for growth and prosperity. Elevate your investment portfolio with Elan Imperial Mall, Sector 82 – where innovation meets unparalleled potential.

Elan Imperial Mall , Gurgaon Sector 82

Price List Of Elan Imperial Mall


Prime Location, Prime Returns

Prime Location, Prime Returns

Elevate your investment portfolio with Elan Imperial Mall in Sector 82, Gurgaon. Its prime location offers not just convenience but a gateway to high returns. Strategically situated in the heart of Gurgaon, this commercial gem ensures your investment thrives in a bustling economic center.
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Dynamic Lifestyle, Dynamic Investment

Dynamic Lifestyle, Dynamic Investment

Discover a dynamic investment opportunity at Elan Imperial Mall, Sector 82. More than just a commercial space, it's a lifestyle investment with cutting-edge amenities, unmatched connectivity, and the allure of a five-star ambiance. Secure your investment in a project that transcends the ordinary.
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Unmatched Connectivity, Unmatched Value

Unmatched Connectivity, Unmatched Value

Invest wisely in Elan Imperial Mall, Sector 82, Gurgaon, where unmatched connectivity translates into unmatched value. With direct access from Dwarka Expressway and NH8, this strategic location ensures your investment enjoys seamless connectivity and stands as a testament to wise investment choices.
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Five-Star Elegance, Five-Star Investment

Five-Star Elegance, Five-Star Investment

Choose luxury and prosperity with Elan Imperial Mall in Sector 82. Offering five-star elegance akin to Ambience Mall, this investment opportunity goes beyond real estate, becoming a statement of lifestyle and success. Secure your investment in a project that exudes opulence.
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Gateway to Economic Triumph

Gateway to Economic Triumph

Position your investments strategically at Elan Imperial Mall, Sector 82, your gateway to economic triumph. In the thriving hub of Gurgaon's economic activity, this commercial venture by Elan Group presents compelling reasons to invest, promising a lucrative future for savvy investors.
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Foresight for Future Growth

Foresight for Future Growth

Invest with foresight in Elan Imperial Mall, Sector 82, Gurgaon. This project isn't just about today; it's about future growth. With promising development potential and a few minutes away from IMT Manesar, your investment in Elan Imperial Mall is a forward-thinking choice for long-term prosperity.
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Latest News on Elan Imperial Mall

A Deep Dive into Elan Imperial Gurgaon

Explore the strategic brilliance of Elan Imperial Gurgaon, a testament to success in the heart of Sector 82. This blog reveals the intricate details that make Elan Imperial more than a commercial space—it’s an investment journey into unparalleled success. Your key to prosperity awaits at Elan Imperial Gurgaon.

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Retial Shop

Retial Shop

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Virtual Site Visit

Virtual Site Visit

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HOSPITAL - Miracles Apollo Cradle

Miracles Apollo Cradle /

Spectra Hospital in Sector 82, Gurgaon,

is a healthcare institution that stands as a

beacon of exceptional medical care

in the heart of the city.


The development of the

Dwarka Expressway Link Road has

triggered a real estate boom in

the surrounding areas, including Sector 82.

Investors and developers have

shown a keen interest in this region

due to its improved connectivity,

leading to the construction of residential

and commercial projects.

FAQ for COMMERCIAL PROPERTY Elan Sector 82 , Gurgaon

Elan Imperial Gurgaon is the latest commercial project by Elan Group in Sector 82, offering retail shops, office spaces, and a unique lifestyle experience.

Elan Imperial stands out with its innovative design, cutting-edge amenities, and strategic location with direct access from Dwarka Expressway and NH8.

Elan Imperial offers an attractive payment plan to cater to the diverse needs of investors and businesses.

Elan Imperial holds promising development potential, making it a sought-after investment opportunity in Gurugram.

Yes, Elan Imperial is just a few minutes away from IMT Manesar, adding to its strategic location advantage.

Elan Imperial provides a hub for various brands under one roof, offering businesses a unique opportunity for visibility and growth.

Elan Imperial enjoys direct access from Dwarka Expressway and NH8, ensuring seamless connectivity for businesses and customers.

Absolutely, Elan Imperial offers retail shops that cater to the diverse needs of businesses, providing an ideal platform for growth.

For information on the operational timeline, please reach out to our customer support team or visit our office.

To explore investment opportunities and discuss your requirements, contact our sales team or visit our website.


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